Hey there, I'm Jon. I'm a recent engineering graduate based in Edmonton, Alberta. I was born in California but raised in Canada. I'm 23, I studied at the University of Alberta where I received my BSc in Electrical Engineering. Recently I've returned back from England where I received my MSc in Biomedical Engineering. Next up is a PhD in the near future. I enjoy photos, live music, travel, film, menswear and design. 

Playlists are hand-crafted by myself. Where do I find the music that I put on here? A long list: from friends with rad taste, to music blogs, the dark corners of the internet, and from film and television.

I shoot with a Canon 60D with various lenses, along with my iPhone 6. For my images, I mostly use Adobe Lightroom as well as Aperture. Spontaneity is key. Rarely will I ask you to look at the camera.

Contact for collaborations, plus I like meeting interesting folks!

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All images and items are owned by myself unless stated otherwise. Please comment away because I love feedback.


Happy living! Your pal,