Travel Essentials: Vancouver

IMG_6964 I recently had the opportunity to go Vancouver for a total of 17 hours this past week to see one of my favourite artists Sam Smith (photos to come). Left half way through my classes on a Wednesday and came back on Thursday just in time for my lab. I've never been so rushed in my life, but this super quick trip was worth it for me. I had the thought of uploading some things that I always bring with me whenever I'm travelling: some jewelry that goes with any outfit, and of course, the skin care essentials. One of my biggest issues is having to bring my skin care products with that 100 mL limit, so I prioritized what I could bring, and ta-da! I named this post Vancouver's edition, cause I feel like at some point I'm going to make a new "Travel Essentials" post where I decide to bring new stuff that is more efficient or whatever. I'm sure not many of you are interested in what I lug around in my carry-on, but if you are, keep reading ahead! I've linked all the products and items as well.

1. Daniel Wellington Watch

One of my all time favourite purchases. This watch has been everywhere with me. Daniel Wellington's minimalistic design sits well with me, and I find it to be a very "timeless" piece that goes with anything. The black leather straps and rose gold detail adds a touch of sophistication to any look.

2. Liberty United Cuff

I'm proud of this specific piece. Essentially, Liberty United is an American founded company in which they transform bullets into jewellery. The bullets are taken from confiscated illegally owned guns found in the States. Part of the proceeds go to help reduce gun violence in the US, and the buyer gets to choose where they would like to donate the proceeds to. Not only is it a modern take on the man bracelet, it's bold and pairs well with my watch above.

3. Khiel's Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

On most flights, I tend to snooze, it's inevitable. Waking up from a nap in the air, my eyes tend to puff up. This de-pufferizer by Khiel's instantly reduces puffiness around my eyes and cools them down. It's a mini stick but super handy. It also works well after a long night of partying. The next morning, apply some of this bad boy on after washing your face, and say good bye to those awful hang over eye bags.

4. Tom Ford Moisturizer

When I'm up in the air, my skin gets super dry. Also, especially after long flights, I like to give my face a nice splash and rinse with water before landing. Although a tad on the pricier side, Tom Ford's moisturizer has the perfect balance of moisture and matte effect for my semi-oily and dry face. It quenches my skin without leaving an oil spill. With the light fragrance, the moisturizer is light and feels as if it isn't on your face after soaked up by your skin. This travel size is just the right amount, cause all you need is a pea-size droplet for your face.

5. Carpe Diem Ring

A simple pinky ring that I've been enjoying as of recent. I picked it up in Australia where I had a nice chat with the owner and creator of the men's jewelry line, a fellow Canadian living in Australia. Definitely check it out guys, he does men's jewelry well.

6. Warby Parker Glasses

Of course I can't go anywhere without my second pair of eyes. Although I wear contacts, my paranoia always kicks in and I imagine something getting in my eye and in the attempt of trying to remove said object in my eye, I may or may not just rip my contact in the process... Thus, keeping my glasses with me wherever I go.

7. Tom Ford Azure Lime

This scent is perfect for the spring and summer time. However, with the seasons changing, I'm in the market for a new fall/winter scent, so expect this to change. But for now, I'm still rocking this super light, and semi-fruity cologne. Not too old-manish smelling, but definitely more sophisticated than your Axe spray on.

8. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion

Sure I could live without a proper cleanser and toner, but along with my moisturizer, SPF is always on my priority list. Here's a tip gents, if you don't want to look like your father in 20 years, start wrinkle prevention early. There will be no need to "rescue" and "rejuvenate" your skin if you don't have the wrinkles to deal with in the beginning. So start early and slap that sunscreen on your face. It doesn't hurt that it reduces your chances for skin cancer too. I don't go too harsh, but a 50 SPF should do the trick.