Talk About Heartbreak Hey?

A conversation I had with a stranger: "I've fallen in love with a best friend, who unfortunately didn't feel the same way about me. And I've never felt anything like it before. Losing a best friend, and someone you genuinely loved. I feel ya bud. Took me a full year to get over, and to be honest, I don't think I completely am."

"You lost him as a friend too?!"

"Yeah. Well. I chose to lose him as a friend, a really good friend."

"Oh shit."

"I couldn't bear to tell him how I felt, because I knew he would act differently around me. And I couldn't just be around him and see him cause it was torture. Everything about him, the way he made me feel was immense. So, for my own sake, I ended our friendship. One, so I could hopefully get over him. Two, so I stopped hurting. But unfortunately, like the great guy he is, he wondered why I stopped talking to him and asked if he did something wrong. But I just acted like a jerk, hoping he'd eventually end up hating me."

"Holy wow."

"Talk about heartbreak hey?"

"That's crazy."

"We went from seeing each otherĀ almost everyday, and telling each other everything. From his parents wanting to meet me, because I was a good influence on him. To being strangers, and not talking for 8 months."

"It's been 8 months?"

"Yeah. And it feels like it was just yesterday."