3 Lives Sets To Listen To Whilst Studying

Hey guys, quick post. It's a pretty busy time for students this time of the year, as we are all on lock down studying our asses off during finals. I thought I'd help make the studying for finals process slightly more bearable, here are a few of my favourite live sets (recorded). They are radio shows or live streams, which is awesome because you also get to learn about them as they answer questions on air which is pretty awesome. Live sets are great to listen to, spices up your studying routine, as compared to your standard made playlist. Hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do. December playlist is coming soon as well! [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6Oirjkc98U[/embed]

The Fray Live Stream Session


Bombay Bicycle Club on KEXP


Hozier on KCRW

Happy studying!