April 2015 Playlist

  1. All-American Lover by La+ch
  2. Karma, You Got Owned by Tep No
  3. Jupiter Grayscale by Gallant
  4. Far Away featuring Josh Roa by Palastic
  5. I'm Not the Only One (Tep No Mix) by Sam Smith
  6. We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (Tep No Mix) by Ella Eyre
  7. King by Years & Years
  8. Lay Me Down (Flume Mix) by Sam Smith
  9. White Dress featuring Deutsch Duke by Set Mo
  10. Independent Woman (Kill Them With Color Mix) by Destiny's Child
  11. Down In The Valley by The Head and The Heart
  12. House of Winston by Shakey Graves
  13. The Wolf by Mumford & Sons
  14. My Song 5 by Haim
  15. Waste Away (featuring Devon Baldwin) by Blackbear
  16. Chains (Just A Gent Mix) by Nick Jonas
  17. Be Together (Tep No Mix) by Gold Is For The Golden Team

With finals coming to an end, here is a mix filled with a lot of Tep No, can you tell? Here is some stuff I've been listening too whilst studying for finals and preparing for my move to Vancouver for the summer. Enjoy the sun now that it is out, and add some pep to your walk when listening to these gems. Hope everyone had a great semester and here's to the summer of 15.