7 Things My Mother Has Taught Me Thus Far

Although I'm not with her, my mum is not a stranger to being in my thoughts. Growing up, it was my mother and I. We were a team ready to conquer anything put in front of us. My mum is a hard worker, a woman who cares for others before herself. Although we don't always see eye-to-eye, I know she'll always be there for me and will support me in anything that I do. But enough about my mum's character, with Mother's Day occurring as I type this, I thought I'd show a little appreciation for everything my mother has sacrificed for me and done for me. Here are ten things my mum taught me so far:

  1. If you can, do it right the first time. There's no point in doing a half-ass job at something the first time when you can do it correctly and get it over with. Why spend effort in finishing a task when you have to go back to it after just to re-do it all over again? I got this one when I was learning to fold clothes. I would quickly fold them and sloppily stack them, and that's when my mum came in and said to do it properly the first time.
  2. Take time to enjoy yourself. If my mum ever saw me studying too much, she'd urge me to go play volleyball or get out of the house. Sure there are important things to do, but it's all about balance I find, and I think that's what my mum was hinting at. Can't have too much work with no play, and vice versa.
  3. Travel. See what the world has to offer. My mum loves travelling. She moved from the Philippines when she was only 16, and I think the idea of living there for her entire life scared her. There's so much out there, so much to explore. There are lessons to be learned across seas, and people to meet. Experience it all, live it all. The world is a beautiful place, and it would be a shame to not see it all.
  4. Let them talk. Why worry what others say about you? Sure it's a good thing to have great first impressions, but other people judge you without really knowing you, do they really matter? Don't waste your energy on people and worrying about what other people think of you. If you care about them, then figure it out. But why would a lion lose sleep over the thoughts of a measly sheep? What other people think of you, really isn't your business if you think about it.
  5. What goes around, comes around. So be nice. Plus, being mean is a waste of energy. I really think that if you go out of your way to make someone feel bad, there may or may not be something wrong with you. Whenever I would bitch about someone to my mum, she would always ask me what I would get out of it if I were rude to them? The answer was 'nothing'. And if you got some sort of gratification out of it, you need to find other ways to make yourself happy.
  6. Don't regret. Don't live your life wondering, 'what if'? Scratch those thoughts out, and do them. Live your life with no regrets, cause ultimately you only have one life to live. Take opportunities, and go outside of your comfort zone. My mum would always push my boundaries and encourage me to do things I felt were outside of my limit.
  7. Say, "I love you" more often. Could you imagine something happening to someone that you love, and remember not showing enough affection towards them? Even after arguments, very heated arguments, my mum would text me 'love you' just because. And really I still need to work on this. Show appreciation and care for the people that you hold close to your heart, life's too short to go on without letting them know you love them.

I miss my mum, and even though we are not together, and we don't agree on certain things, I can't avoid the fact that she has done so much for me. Her intentions are always sincere, but she is one of a kind. I love you mum, Happy Mother's Day.