10 Things Your Dad Just Might Find Useful

"I don't need this" or "You should've saved your money" are phrases my father says to me whenever I try to give him a gift on Christmas or his birthday... So this Father's day, let's change his mind with these gifting ideas I thought of that are father proof. Let's show our pops some proper appreciation. Dads define practicality in my mind, so give these ideas a whirl. Click the images to bring you to the site to buy them online.

  1. A Drinking Kit (Homemade Gin) One fact (not sure if this is legitimate) that all father's have in common, is how chuffed they get after building an ikea furniture piece or after making something pretty neat. Dad's also like alcohol. So give him the chance to kill two birds with one stone. With this kit, not only does he get to show off to everyone that he made something, but he'll also get to share and enjoy his very own homemade gin.
  2. Hunter's Utility Knife Dads are a constant reminder that we're all just dude-bros at heart, no matter what age we are. "What is my dad gonna do with a knife?" Are you kidding me? Actually, you probably aren't, that's a great question. I'm sure he'll find a use for it. Instead of grabbing for that envelope opener, he'll snatch up this bad boy. Bottle opener? Nah he's got a knife. Scissors? Nah he's got a knife. Slicing some apples? Hold out on the kitchen knife. Your mum needs a hair cut? Well. Actually, let her go to her hairdresser Ramon. Let the man be a man, and as long as he's mentally stable, get him this useful tool. Opinel No. 8 will do the trick, the sleekest of them yet.
  3. Cologne Oh okay, this is a cop out. I mean I get one of those at least? This is for your simple minded gift giving children. Those of you who are content with being a boring child. This is a safety net, bring your mum with you and just pick out which ever scent she really likes. I'd go for this scent by Tom Ford. Enough class, but holding off on that 'old man' scent.
  4. Flannel If your dad is the exploring and or "ready to get lost in the woods during this family camping trip and fight a bear" type of guy, he's going to need something to keep him a tad warmer around the summer night fires. A classic, J Crew cleans up this flannel with simplicity and functionality. Lumber jack credentials and axe not included.
  5. Belt Your dad needs to replace his old weathered and tattered belt with a new one. Dad's are practical, and if those pants are drooping, he needs something to hold them up. As simple as that. Problem identified, solution acquired. Modernize your pops with this simple belt. The brown will make him feel young again. By Fossil. This doesn't mean much to your dad, but to everyone else, you know Fossil is semi-boojy as hell.
  6. Gym Bag Dad's beer belly has been alive and thriving all winter, get him outdoors and into the gym with this bag. If all else fails, blame it on your mum and tell him she made you get it for him as a subtle suggestion to lay off the beers. Who knows, gym bags make for great alcohol carriers right? This basic Lulu should be best fitting. You know that lulu is what all the cool dads are wearing these days (sarcasm).
  7. Comb Do your mum a favour and keep your dad's hairs out from her very expensive brush. Kent is a brand that has been doing it's thing for a while, so don't second guess it. This bad boy folds, just like the knife above. And i think if you stick with this folding compact scheme, you're dad is going to love you even more.
  8. Shaving Brush One thing I guarantee your pops enjoys is a great shave. If he doesn't have a shaving brush, he doesn't know what he's missing out on. After a nice facial scrub, prep his beard with a shaving brush to lift those hairs up even more with his favorite gel or cream. He'll be thanking you and wondering why your mum hasn't gotten him this gift sooner. Sorry mum. This brush has great quality badger hair. That's right, it's made up of badger hair. You can thank D. R. Harris for that.
  9. Card Holder Does your dad have a fat brick of a wallet too? Same here. His wallet is one more receipt away from bursting. Don't tell him to get rid of it, but suggest him to keep it at home. Help him slim up his back pocket with this sleek alternative by MAKR. Not only will this reduce his junk in the trunk, it'll save him time sorting out all of those receipts when he needs his debit card. Leave those receipts at home dad, bring the necessities. Like that credit card to pay for dinner.
  10. Barbecue Apron Your father, aka the grill king of the household. If anyone tells you that he won't use this for the upcoming dinner parties, cut that person out of your life. You don't need that negativity. This manly looking bad ass apron by Stanley & Sons has some great leather detail that your dad probably won't notice, but you will. And that's all that matters.

I hope these gifts give you some pointers. Mum is usually the easier one to shop for. Enjoy your father's day folks, and remember life is too short to forget to tell the people you care about, "I love you".

Your pal,