Still Young and Free

Friday, September 25 23:05

What is passion? What is my passion? I find myself asking these questions quite frequently these days. I graduate in less than a year, and I can't say that I found my passion in life just yet. I haven't seen passion in love, or in my work.

What happens after school? Can I see myself doing what I love for the rest of my life? What do I love? I know that I'm young, and that it's normal to be lost and unknowing. I will be graduating as an engineering student. I love math and I love science. I can't picture myself in any other pair of shoes out there. It may be my lack in work experience causing this confusion, but I guess I'll never truly know what I want until I get a taste of the real world. I want to know. Yet I am still young, still young and free.

Not knowing what will give me the drive to wake up every morning to go to work frightens me. I heard the use of the term "full contact lifestyle" from Kit and Ace, a clothing company. They use the term as describing a lifestyle where life, work and play all merge as one, as interchangeable synonyms for one another. Is this something I aspire to do? Our time on this Earth is short and I do not want to waste it living a life that I am unhappy with. Everyone around me seems to know what they are doing. I think I'm hungry for this unfound passion. I want to know why I'm on this Earth. I want to know what I'm meant to do.

Passion in relationships is a whole other story I guess. This lack of passion in my life has taken a toll on me. Wherever this passion lies, I hope to find it soon. I'm getting impatient. I want to wake up and be ready for my days, for my life. I want to wake up and have a passion that drives me to work hard, to love, to live.

I guess I'll just fake it until I make it for now.