October 2015 Playlist

  1. Jupiter by Sleeping At Last
  2. Grow by Frances
  3. When It Comes To us by Frances featuring RITUAL
  4. Going Home by Asgeir
  5. Was There Nothing? by Asgeir
  6. In the Sun by Aron Wright
  7. Chasing Cars by Sleeping At Last
  8. Angels On The Moon by Thriving Ivory
  9. Hello by Adele
  10. Refuse by Kevin Garrett
  11. Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan
  12. Step by Vampire Weekend
  13. Do You Go Up by Khai
  14. Love For That by Mura Masa featuring Shura
  15. Magnets by Disclosure featuring Lorde (SGLewis Mix)
  16. Brush by Oscar Key Sung
  17. Movements by Pham featuring Yung Fusion (Delusion Mix)
  18. Fly Down by Stephen

Sorry for the late upload friends. Really pushing it with this one. The midterm deluge has kept me busy, but I definitely put some time aside to get this up for ya! As the days become colder and the nights get longer, toss these tunes in bed or whilst you're studying for your midterms. Maybe the most dramatic of them yet, these tracks feature the latest from Adele and Troye Sivan. Hope you enjoy these just as much as I do, wrapped up in my duvet.

Your friend,