Canmore and Banff

Less studying was done this past Reading Week. For you non-Canadian readers, Reading Week is equivalent to a spring break holiday in the United States for university students. As my final holiday in my undergraduate degree,  I decided to go on a quick road trip with two of my closest friends around Alberta. With our overnight bags packed, we managed to hit up Calgary, Banff and Canmore in a jam-packed three days. In Banff we visited Johnston Canyon and Lake Louise. I had never been to Lake Louise so seeing it still frozen was a first for me. I definitely have to revisit during the summer to see it in all of its beauty. Johnston Canyon was a trip, well more literally like a slip. The warm weather here in Alberta had made the trails in the canyon a literal ice rink as we slid up and down the canyon holding onto the railing. When we were not exploring Alberta's scenic views, we found ourselves in local pubs in Canmore and impromptu bar crawls in Calgary (hitting up 7 bars in one night, not too shabby for a Wednesday night). Here are some photos from the trip.

Your friend,