Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places: Kayla

A weekend with a friend from back home? Sounds good to me. Kayla is currently doing a placement with CBC in London, so she decided to come down to Guildford for the evening on Saturday to celebrate Bonfire Night. We don't have this specific holiday back in Canada so this was a first for us. We took to the High Street on Saturday night to watch the march of torches towards Stoke Park where fireworks were to be set off. Oh what an odd place to be, as if we were about to rid the town of witches. We skipped out on the fireworks and headed to my favourite pub in town The Three Pigeons for a quick bite and some long overdue catch up time. Kayla and I headed back to London for the evening and spent our Sunday exploring.

Kayla took me to The Breakfast Club and I was not disappointed. I've read about this joint before and always wanted to check it out, and I'm pretty stoked I tried it with an old friend. The queue went out the door when we got there at 10 am, a 45 minute wait. The wait was definitely worth it. I did a bit of research and we decided to find Workshop Coffee after breakfast. Kayla showed me around her part of London and her daily commute to work. Across Millennium Bridge to see St. Paul's Cathedral, we walked to find our coffee spot. Workshop Coffee was great, the quaint and warm atmosphere joined by great staff made for a great drip. 

From Workshop we headed to Trafalgar Square and happened to come across some overly enthusiastic break dancers. To Regent then to Oxford Street we went. And with the rain getting heavy, we trucked on to Camden Market. Some Adele may or may not have been sung while we walked. Finally at the market, I finally got to try the arepa stand I drooled over last time. 

I've known Kayla since high school, and I couldn't be prouder of what she has achieved. One of the biggest dreamers I know of, she is truly making it her reality. I'll forever admire this about her. I took some photos over the weekend, here they are.

Your friend,