July 2016 Playlist

  1. All We Are by Andy Kong
  2. Half Light by Banners
  3. Six Feet Under by Billie Eilish
  4. Oceans by Flores
  5. Seaside by Haux
  6. Just A Lover by Hayden James
  7. Heavy On My Heart by Saint Clair
  8. Someone That Loves You (Ben Pearce Mix) by Honne
  9. Janet by M. T. Hadley
  10. Alive by Khai
  11. Drift by Lucian
  12. Alaska by Maggie Rogers
  13. Safe Till Tomorrow (Bee's Knees Remix) by Morgan Page
  14. Holy Man by Om Shankar
  15. Dove by Pillar Point
  16. Elevated by RKCB
  17. Porcelain by Skott
  18. Notion by Tash Sultana
  19. Kiss The Sky (Lophiile Mix) by The Knocks
  20. Constant Crush (Mansionair Mix) by Verite