From Alberta to England

It has been a little more than a week since the move. I recently traveled from Edmonton, Canada to Guildford, England to pursue a MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Surrey. I'll be studying here for roughly a year. The change has been subtle but great in many ways. Getting used to Sterling and trying to keep up with new phrases have kept me busy. As well as adjusting to people driving on the wrong... I mean, the 'other' side of the road has kept me looking both ways. 

I've met some lovely people, and some not so lovely people. For example, just off of landing in Gatwick I had to make my way to Guildford via train. I struggled but trudged forward trying to keep my three seventy-pound luggages in check as I pushed them slowly along the cobble roads (which were no help either). Trying to make the train, an older lady behind me asked me to move, and honestly I would have, except for the fact that I was trying to push three mountains ahead of me. I enjoy the English accent, but when they are angry or annoyed, I feel like the accent multiplies the effect of being completely crossed. She could clearly see me struggling to not block people on their commutes, but that didn't phase her. So things were looking up after being in England for a total of 45 minutes (sarcasm). 

Guildford is an affluent and quaint town. More photos of where I live to come soon. But besides that, it's just like the movies. Young students wearing uniforms, hustle-and-bustle filled train stations, the popularity of smokers and e-cigarette users, the dampness, all so very accurate. The readily available liquor at most supermarkets make it so easy to grab a cold one after a day at school, which is always a plus. 

During the International Welcome Week, the uni held many events for new students. One in which was a coach tour of Surrey County. While learning the difference between the UK, The Great British Isles, and Great Britain on the coach, we visited Polesden Lacey (a National Trust owned Edwardian estate) and Box Hill Point. I took some photos below. 

I'll try to document my year abroad. No promises, but I hope to keep it all noted. I miss my family and friends. Sending love from across the pond.

Your friend,