May 2017 Playlist

  1. Light Outside by Wakey!Wakey!
  2. Sign of the Times by Harry Styles
  3. Medicine by Daughter
  4. Ultralife (Acoustic) by Oh Wonder
  5. Second Chances by Gregory Alan Isakov
  6. Afterglow by Ásgeir
  7. Right Now by Haim
  8. Want you Back by Haim
  9. Deleted Conversations by Teflon Sega
  10. Feel Something by Jaymes Young
  11. Electric by Alina Baraz featuring Khalid
  12. Belong by gnash featuring DENM
  13. I Miss The Old U by Blackbear
  14. Purple Feelings by Jerry Folk featuring Rainsford
  15. Stop It by Sleeping Lion
  16. Late Night by ODESZA
  17. Line of Sight by ODESZA featuring WYNNE and MASIONAIR
  18. The Cure by Lady Gaga
  19. Stay by Zedd featuring Alessia Cara

I can't believe my lectures are over here in the UK and I'm 2/3 finished my time. Time to crack down on to some studying. This playlist has kept me going to the end of my classes, and I hope it gets you psyched for the summer. Featuring some new HAIM and ODESZA. Images from Dublin, Glasgow, and Barcelona coming soon. 

Your friend,