September 2017 Playlist: Reset

3 years ago I started making playlists for friends who moved away for uni. Now I've found myself looking for new platforms to share music I've been listening to. Recently, I received an email from a listener thanking me for putting my monthly tunes together. She's a complete stranger but her kind words really resonated with me. I've put these playlists together for friends and for work. Now I've finally recognised that the memories tagged by these sounds will always be there. I am back in Canada after a year of studying abroad in England, and the people I've met and experiences I've had are attached to these songs, and I've finally realised how important this is. Again, I've found myself at another milestone in my life, and looking back at these playlists I'm so happy to have documented them. In a few months, I start a new adventure in a new city. 

I've officially moved my playlists from 8tracks to Spotify for accessibility reasons. Although Spotify does not have some artists I'd like to feature, it will make it easier for international listeners to have a go. If an artists is too small, I'll be sure to feature them in other ways. So to my friends, family, and strangers who've been listening for a while, I just wanted to say thanks. I am not only doing this for you, but I am also doing this for myself. More content to come soon. 

Your friend,