Mr. Out There

Dear Mr. Out There, I obviously haven't met you yet. But I hope everyday that the time between our meeting will soon end. I just thought it would be a good idea to tell you a quick heads up on what I expect my life to be like when you finally enter it. I've never been in a real relationship before, but from what I hear, I could only imagine great things.

I'm a third year engineering student. I hope that you understand that I won't be able to be with you 24/7. Although, I'd only love to be around you, it'll be as tough on me as it is on you. I know you'll have other things going on in your life, so I hope we'll be able to understand each others struggles and embrace our happiest moments together, and be able to share that with one another. I'd hope you to be the person I can completely relax around after a long day at school. You'll try not to add on more stress on my life, but you're going to be a great source of comfort. I won't have to ask for a head massage, since you'll offer. Believe me it's a two way street mr, and I'll do the same for you. I don't want my schooling to prioritize my relationship. And I hope you understand that. So please, let's not make it an issue.

I like playing volleyball. I hope to see you watch my games, cause not too many people have done that for me. Or even run back to my place to grab some shorts I forgot. Or maybe find a water fountain for me to fill up my water bottle. I hope you'll make me feel better after a shitty game, and compliment me when I'm doing well. I need you to tell me that I stink, that I need a shower. I want you to laugh at me and how ridiculous my hair looks after a game. Maybe drive me to a game or two? That'll mean the world to me. I need you to be a size M in shirts, and 32 in pant size. Could we share clothes? Can I wear your hoodies and have them remind me of what a great person you are. You don't necessarily be fashionable, because I'd just be proud enough to share clothes with you, that's how much I'll love you.

My friends will love you, and you'll get along great with them. You'll be able to communicate with them when I'm having a bad day, or even to put together a surprise party for me. You guys will have your own inside jokes, and I'll be able to talk to you about them, and to them about you.

You'll meet my mum. She's the only other person that I really care about. She's going to be apprehensive at first. I'm her baby boy, and seeing me with you makes her feel unneeded. But in the long run, she's gonna be happy that I found you. She's going to trust you with my life. She's going to worry less about me because I have you. She'll be proud enough to call you her son some day. You're going to care about her. You're going to understand how important my relationship with her is, and you'll do everything in your power to keep that relationship functional. My mum is going to be proud of us. Your family is going to be a second home to me. I hope to feel so comfortable and surrounded with love. But if you don't have this type of family, than I really don't mind. I'm gonna be there for you and my family will welcome you with open arms.

We're gonna race to the car on winter nights, and I'm going to open doors for you. We're gonna hold hands. We're going to argue, but only because we care about each other so much. We'll want the best for each other. We won't be afraid to call each other out, because we won't keep things bottled up. You're gonna know what I like to eat, and I'm going to learn how to make your favourite food. We're going to listen to music together, and we're going to see live music together. You're going to push me out of my comfort zone, and I'm going to love you for that. We'll see the world together. You're going to put new perspectives into my vision. I want you tell me I'm wrong. I want you to correct me.

I'm going to fall in love with your kindness, and not just your looks. I'm not going to be wooed over by your hair, but by your smile. I'm going to be able to get lost in your eyes, and your sense of compassion and empathy. You'll make me laugh. I'm going to love that about you.

Reading everything above makes me look selfish. But I hope you know that I promise to reciprocate the same. I'm going to proud of you. I'm going to be there for you. I'm going to be there when you're sad, and I'll be there to share your greatest achievements. I promise to listen to you, and be understanding. I'll bring you soup when you're sick and coffee when you're tired. I'm going to be proud of us, I'm going to brag about you. I promise to look at the world with you, and care about our similarities and embrace our differences. You're going to make me a better person.

I love you Mr. Out There, and I can't wait to meet you.