March 2015 Wish List

Thought I'd add a new addition to the blog with these "Wish Lists"! Looking for presents for that special guy in your life, look out for these guys and hopefully you can get an idea for what to get them. These are just items that I've been eyeing this month and might just go and purchase for myself. They range from fashion to technology, geeky things all the way to books. I enjoy reading these in magazines and other blogs, so hopefully you do too! Click on the links below to take you to the products. Let's start shall we? March Faves

  1. Golden Bear Suede Jacket: One pricey son' of a gun. Crafted in San Fran, this is just a beauty. A classic revamp that is timeless in my eyes. I've seriously had my eyes on this since it first popped up on Club Monaco's site. Definitely something worth working for.
  2. Wings + Horns Leather Slip-On: Another closet staple I'm surprised I don't have. Easily can find a knock-off cheaper pair, but W and H know what they're doing with this one, so why wreck a good thing?
  3. Slim-Fit Linen Shirt: With those warmer months headed our way, linen will definitely be a necessity in my life. Keeping us looking put together, but keeping us aired out. Great tone and texture done by CM here.
  4. Transit Hoodie: Been looking for some gear that can take me to and from the yoga studio. This simple and minimal hoodie does the trick. Looks comfy as hell as well.
  5. Surge Short: I've been digging going to hot yoga, but I only have one pair of shorts that I bring with me. I'd like to have another in the bag just in case the old ones are still wet from the class before. You know me, never afraid to show a little leg.
  6. Studio Kit: Another issue that I have is that my gym bag is really disorganised. I've been showering at the yoga studio as of recent, and I look like an idiot scrambling around for my moisturizer and body lotion. This guy should do the trick to keeping me a tad more put-together after a class.
  7. Musk Eau De Toilette Spray: I've recently purchased the Musk Body Cleanser and I've been in love with the scent. It's spring time, so I'm in the market for a new cologne with the season change. I think I may have just found the perfect match. (If not, I'm going back to TF's Azure Lime, too pricey though.)
  8. Bears Den, "Islands": Something I've been wanting to add to my vinyl collection as of recent. I recently revisited their stuff, and I think they'd sound great on vinyl. I'm on the hunt!
  9. No-Tie Shoelace Replacements: Stumbled upon these neat guys in a magazine not too long ago. I think they look great with a pair of trainers and makes them look much sleeker. Seeya later laces, hello hickies.
  10. Umbrella: This bright umbrella is going to come in handy this spring with all the rain. I can't seem to find my old one, but I'm digging the orange in this rain blocker. Pop of color anyone?
  11. Lapel Stays: Fashion tip: do not have pancake collars. I'm not having much time to properly iron my dress shirts, so these lapel stays are going to keep the collars looking crisp.
  12. Assorted Coffee Books: Been thinking about the future as of recent and the near moving out that I'll be doing. Really think I'd like these guys on a coffee table when I move out. (At Large Magazine,THE OUTSIDERS: THE NEW OUTDOOR CREATIVITY BOOK, How To Be A Man by Glenn O'Brien)
  13. Mini Note Books: Nothing says satisfying like crossing something off of a to-do list. I tried keeping these lists on my phone, but this was quickly replaced by my agenda, because I truly do love crossing them off physically. These guys fit great in the back pocket.
  14. Wild & Wolf Folding Board: Man do I love being organized. My OCD is easily satisfied with this handy tool. Nothing makes me happier than perfectly folded shirts. I need this. Asap.
  15. Note Cards: Nothing says 'you care' more than a hand written note. I think we're losing this in our daily lives, especially with our heavily enthused mobile phone lives.
  16. West Beach Candle: Walking to Kit and Ace makes me extra happy when this candle is burning. I've always been obsessed with clean and clear scents. Quite pricey, but maybe I'll save up for it some time soon.