A note from a page from my final year scheduler

Almost half-way through my year here in the UK, and this evening I was feeling nostalgic. I was going through an old scheduler from my senior year in university. On the first page were some simple rules to success I jotted down. These ideas have never been more relevant. Here they are:

  1. Never let the past dictate your future.
  2. Never gossip.
  3. Never say "yes" when you mean "no".
  4. Never interrupt.
  5. Never be late.
  6. Never resent.
  7. Never decide you don't have time.
  8. Never fit in (just to fit in).
  9. Never be afraid to do things that matter.

The Him & Her Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Another frantic season of Christmas shopping is upon us. Hopefully these few suggestions will help you out. Click on the images below to bring you directly to a page where you can purchase the item. Happy internally-stressing shopping!

Your friend,


For Him

  1. Grey Hoodie
    This zip hoodie by J. Crew brings the recipient a classic layering staple. Nothing says easy comfort like this piece. Send this one to your lazy friend who needs to upgrade their raggedy sports team hoodie. 
  2. Henley
    Studies have shown these long-sleeves automatically up a man's attractiveness. Give your partner this one by Club Monaco with the option of wearing a single (and only) button undone.
  3. Messenger Bag
    For your smart friend, present this bag to prove being studious doesn't mean you have to be wearing a Jansport Back Pack. Filson's twill material is known for being sturdy, perfect for those heavy text books. 
  4. Speakers
    After the snow has melted, picnics or sport games in the park will never be the same without some tunes. Compact and robust, the Bose Soundlink Mini sounds great and has an awesome battery life. Grab it in Carbon, it's the sleekest. 
  5. Flask Funnel
    For the one friend who drinks too much and needs to save up a bit. This flask funnel will help those shaky hands when filling up a flask. Here's one from Izola, the recipient can thank them later for avoiding any sticky messes.
  6. Facial Scrub
    This one is for your friend who likes to pamper themselves. This scrub by Origins is a popular one with the guys and has a great fresh scent promising to brighten up any face. Buy it for your boyfriend, and use it when he's away.
  7. Tuque
    Keep your loved ones warm with Edmonton's finest Nowhere Fast Brand. Crafted in Canada, this tuque/beanie will keep those ears from falling off.  
  8. Cologne
    Get your mates to hold off on the Old Spice body spray and switch it for this scent. An alternative to Chanel Bleu, Jo Malone's Oud and Bergamot scent provides a sophisticated upgrade. Or give it to your partner, you can thank me later.
  9. Field Notes
    The organised friend will love you for this. Field Notes provide a water-proof and tear-proof note book that fits perfectly in the back pocket of any denim. Great for lists and numbers. Your forgetful friend might need a 3-pack too. 
  10. Belt
    For the family member who always has their pants sagging. Unless they are going for that angsty teen skater look, this timeless belt by Gap will go with any pant in their closet. 

For Her

  1. A Scarf
    This dip-dyed cashmere scarf will easily please any neutral pea coat wearing friend of yours. Show them some love with this piece by The White Company, infamous for comfy luxury. 
  2. Wool Sweater
    Club Monaco does no wrong with knit wear, here is a safe bet for your sister or cousin. The Cristelle Sweater is a great alternative to the classic cable knit. Baby it's cold outside.
  3. Body Butter
    Save up for mum, she's more important than you know. Say thank you for raising you with Laura Mercier's Body Butter. If your mum is a sucker for sweets, get her the body butter from the creme brulee range, she'll love it.
  4. Candle
    Shout out to Canadian brands, specifically Litchfield Shop for capturing the Canadian mountain air with this candle. Send this candle to your outdoor loving friend, she won't be disappointed.
  5. Cheese Board
    Up your lady friend's wine and cheese night with this cheese board set from Oliver Bonas. No one is ever too old for some classy cheese and crackers. Optional bottle of wine may be provided if you want extra brownie points. 
  6. Throw
    All of my girlfriends are forever in a state of cold, especially during the winter. Help your friends out by getting them a good throw for those chilly evenings from Old Faithful Shop. And for you mates out there, this will encourage some definite cuddling opportunities.
  7. Like Crazy Movie
    For your cheesy friend, get them this romantic film featuring the late Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones. This film is so intimately shot that at points it made me feel uncomfortable, but quickly turned appropriate. It's a gooder' for those friends who love a good emotional rollercoaster.
  8. Jewellery
    Another Canadian creator, Hunt Amor makes a great minimal ring for your jewellery loving friend. Send these rings to your detail-oriented girl who is a sucker for the subtle beauties.
  9. Planner
    For your organised or design loving friend, this planner by graphic designer Marjolein Delhaas will leave them excited for the new year. 
  10. Vest
    A classic quilted vest by J. Crew needs a spot in any girls closet. Let her know to layer with knitwear or flannel and act accordingly.

Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places: Kayla

A weekend with a friend from back home? Sounds good to me. Kayla is currently doing a placement with CBC in London, so she decided to come down to Guildford for the evening on Saturday to celebrate Bonfire Night. We don't have this specific holiday back in Canada so this was a first for us. We took to the High Street on Saturday night to watch the march of torches towards Stoke Park where fireworks were to be set off. Oh what an odd place to be, as if we were about to rid the town of witches. We skipped out on the fireworks and headed to my favourite pub in town The Three Pigeons for a quick bite and some long overdue catch up time. Kayla and I headed back to London for the evening and spent our Sunday exploring.

Kayla took me to The Breakfast Club and I was not disappointed. I've read about this joint before and always wanted to check it out, and I'm pretty stoked I tried it with an old friend. The queue went out the door when we got there at 10 am, a 45 minute wait. The wait was definitely worth it. I did a bit of research and we decided to find Workshop Coffee after breakfast. Kayla showed me around her part of London and her daily commute to work. Across Millennium Bridge to see St. Paul's Cathedral, we walked to find our coffee spot. Workshop Coffee was great, the quaint and warm atmosphere joined by great staff made for a great drip. 

From Workshop we headed to Trafalgar Square and happened to come across some overly enthusiastic break dancers. To Regent then to Oxford Street we went. And with the rain getting heavy, we trucked on to Camden Market. Some Adele may or may not have been sung while we walked. Finally at the market, I finally got to try the arepa stand I drooled over last time. 

I've known Kayla since high school, and I couldn't be prouder of what she has achieved. One of the biggest dreamers I know of, she is truly making it her reality. I'll forever admire this about her. I took some photos over the weekend, here they are.

Your friend,